I’ve never been good at Rubik’s cube solving but the guy on the left is a renowned champion.

While the great man continues to rot, we just ROT13!


Rv sh. Fvppbzr vzzbovyr,
qngb vy zbegny fbfcveb,
fgrggr yn fcbtyvn vzzrzber
beon qv gnagb fcveb,
pbfì crepbffn, nggbavgn
yn green ny ahamvb fgn,

zhgn crafnaqb nyy’hygvzn
ben qryy’hbz sngnyr;
aé fn dhnaqb han fvzvyr
bezn qv cvr’ zbegnyr
yn fhn pehragn cbyirer
n pnycrfgne ireeà.

Aahh, the delights of Mutual Assured Destruction!
I definitely recommend Defcon, by introversion software. A game where you inevitably escalate to good ol’ Global Thermonuclear War.

The late Stephen J. Gould would puke in front of this masterpiece, it’s phylogenetically definitely wrong but it’s not bad at all! Click on the thumbnail to see the whole image (1.2 MB). The location is Prato, Italy, not far from Florence.